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Oil Change Peoria:  Everyone at Big Ray’s works hard to exceed your expectations, to deliver on our promises, and ensure quality and safety.

If you’re looking for a full-service oil change experience at a great price, you’re looking for Big Ray’s Express Lube. We offer the quality you’d expect at a dealership, but with a more personal and friendly atmosphere. With the latest tools and diagnostic software we have the expertise to interpret your vehicle’s computer system. Our auto repair shop services many automotive models and we’ll only do the work that is needed to get your vehicle back on the road.

Beyond oil changes which include quality oil, a new oil filter and a multi-point inspection to keep your car in top form, we offer these additional services: replacing or repairing your air filter and cabin filter, flush your fuel system, replace light bulbs, replace your serpentine belt, flush your transmission fluid and replace wiper blades.

Why is changing your oil so urgent at the recommended miles travelled? Ensuring that you replace your oil within the optimal mileage range is the best thing you can do for your vehicle. Appropriately planned oil changes are essential in keeping your vehicle running optimally. And while you’re having your oil changed, you’ll be able to learn if there’s something not quite right about other operations of your vehicle so they can be fixed right away. Getting your oil changed is an easy way to get a complimentary multi-point review. So whether you own a shiny new vehicle that you just purchased or are driving one that you’ve had a while, standard oil changes are something you can’t overlook.

1. Routine Oil Changes Will Keep You Engine Clean

When oil enters the motor from different places, dirt and harmful particles will start to collect inside it. When you don’t change your oil at the correct number of miles, sludge will be created in your motor. If you live in a drier, dustier location, you’ll have quite a few more particles entering into your engine. Changing your motor oil and filer on a regular interval will help remove any of these destructive bits of dirt and sludge out of your engine before they can irreparably harm your vehicle.

2. You’ll Have a Longer Life of your Engine with Regular Oil Changes

Oil is essential to your vehicle. It lubricates and protects your motor and several other important parts from wear and tear. With use of your vehicle, oil gets dirty. By ensuring that you have your oil and oil filter changed by your manufacturer’s manual recommendations, you’ll be keep your engine in perfect working order, plus save time, cash and the chance that something will go wrong with your vehicle. A routine oil change will virtually guarantee that your vehicle will have a long life.

3. Replacing Your Oil Protects Other Engine Parts

What does oil really do in my vehicle? Inside your vehicle’s engine, there are a many key parts which make it run, for example, the crank shaft and the connecting rods. These control the pistons in your engine’s cylinders. There’s another part called the camshaft which helps with opening and shutting the vehicle’s exhaust valves. Ensuring that you have clean oil in your vehicle’s motor is pivotal in keeping these parts well moving and running correctly.

4. Gas Mileage Increases When You Change Your Oil On Time

Replacing my oil on time will give me better gas mileage? Why is that? Finding a fuel efficient vehicle is something everyone wants. Generally speaking miles per gallon are influenced by various elements including condition, territory, individual driving propensities and vehicle support. Without regular upkeep, all that grit and dirt we discussed before will collect inside your motor which causes friction, and that is a problem in your engine. Friction greatly reduces your vehicle’s mileage. Ensuring that your motor dependably has clean oil in it will decrease friction, enabling your motor to run more effectively giving you better gas mileage.

5. Routine Oil Change Peoria Give Your Car Better Engine Performance

After some time, old oil separates because of introduction to a warmed up engine. This makes it lose its consistency just as its capacity to grease up the motor barrel dividers. Basically, the dirtier the oil is, the harder it is to go where it needs to. That slime starts to develop in regions obstructing the stream to parts which require oil. Another reason your engine needs oil is to draw heat from the parts of the motor. On the off chance that they are secured with ooze, these parts remain too hot longer. At last the motor will run less proficiently as its efficiency is reduced causing lower gas mileage and less horsepower.

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