Party Paparazzi

Party Paparazzi


Party Paparazzi, located at 1605 W Candletree Dr. in Peoria, provides Peoria’s bridal, corporate and entertainment events with custom photo booths, personalized items and more. Party Paparazzi elevates any get-together with signage, displays and custom touches to make it unique and memorable. In fact, every step of their process is designed to fit every individual event, meaning no two are ever alike.

Corporate events often benefit from backdrops, banners or custom graphics for specific events. In fact, Party Paparazzi assists in the spread of a company’s brand through custom social media picture borders that simultaneously entertain guests while spreading the name of the business across their friends’ news feeds.

For some of the best bridal decor in Peoria, Party Paparazzi provides personalized items like table runners or guest favors, custom menus and lighting. Everyone knows how to pick out flowers and dresses. However, the additions of these personal touches elevates the whole reception experience to a memorable night for everyone.

Other events like pageants, bands and theatrical performances can also be improved with the services from Party Paparazzi. There’s nothing more professional than having a custom-made sign or decorations for any kind of event. For more information on the services offered from Party Paparazzi, visit

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