Peoria Playhouse

Peoria Playhouse


The Peoria PlayHouse, located at 2218 N Prospect Rd in Peoria, is Peoria’s only children’s museum. Set in Glen Oak Park next to the Peoria Zoo and Luthy Botanical Gardens, the PlayHouse offers families from around central Illinois a full day out packed with educational fun. With several exciting exhibits, any kid will be able to find something they enjoy, no matter what their interests are.

The PlayHouse’s permanent exhibits demonstrate to kids much of the history of the Peoria area, as well as offer exciting sensory stations to get them physically engaged. On the family farm, kids can pick fruits and milk cows all while staying indoors. At the construction zone, kids operate a loader and a dump truck and use real tools to build objects. Downstairs, prepare for a splash as the water table is always a big hit.

The PlayHouse accommodates for ages 2 to 8 and up. There is certainly something for all kids to enjoy, and the parents may even be in for a lesson as well. Kids of all abilities are welcome here and the museum offers sensory packs for those who may need earplugs to dim the noise of all the excitement that happens inside.

Everyone is welcome at the PlayHouse, regardless of income or special situations. They offer a range of special admission deals for varying audiences to ensure everyone can have a chance to explore inside the PlayHouse. For more information on these programs, as well as a more detailed list of exhibits, visit

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