Red Carpet Car Wash

Red Carpet Car Wash


Red Carpet Car Wash has three locations in Peoria: one at 505 NE Jefferson St, another at 711 W Glen Ave and also at 8201 N Knoxville Ave.  At Red Carpet Car Wash, you’ll find fast and professional car cleaning where you can choose from simple car washes to fully detailed cleanings–inside and out. No matter what condition your car is in, allow Red Carpet to return it back to something you can be proud to drive in.

Certainly, not all car washes are created equal. However, with the personal touch provided by Red Carpet, any level of wash will keep your car looking great no matter what time of year. With packages made to suit any budget and need, it’s easy to keep the investment placed in a car safe, protected from the elements and looking good.

No matter what the level of mess is on the inside, the professionals at Red Carpet can handle it. From a spilled extra-large soda on new upholstery to an abandoned sucker left to seep into the seats, Red Carpet Car Wash saves your car’s interior with customizable detailing packages. No matter what the mess, pull into one of the three locations to get your car back to one you’re proud drive.

For premiere car washes in Peoria, Red Carpet Car Wash has the one that works for both your car and your bank account. Join Red Carpet’s Coupon Club at

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