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Peoria.Deals, now with over 11,000 email subscribers, has been online since June of 2010 (originally until it transformed to Peoria.Deals in August of 2015).  Because of the trend of mobile usage becoming more dominant than desktops and laptops with over 60% of daily usage, we are expanding the Peoria.Deals weekly e-mail newsletter to also include a text based newsletter in 2017.

This is a great new opportunity for local businesses who are looking to drive people through their doors NOW.  Text marketing boasts a 94% open rate (vs. a 20-30% open rate being considered high for email) with 95% of those opens happening within 15 minutes of the user receiving the message.  It’s effective because of it’s reach and the fact that opens are nearly immediate, thereby delivering impressive, fast results for businesses.

Our new text subscriber list currently boasts over 2,000 subscribers and growing! This list along with our email list will continue to be a focus throughout 2017.  During our ramp up period, we are offering a great introductory rate to be included in this market-exclusive program.  Limited Space is available, so take advantage of this offer today!

Your Limited Time Trail Offer Solo Coupon Text Ad will be sent to our over 2,000 (and growing) subscriber list.  Solo Coupons are redeemed by customers’ smart phone at business when customers use the coupon. These must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance and are limited availability.  Only 2 texts per day among all program participants will be sent to the subscriber list to not overwhelm our subscribers.

Sample Text Coupons

Your ad will reach our most responsive 2,000+ subscribers with your unique offer.  This offer will be selling for $197 or more very shortly, but during this extremely limited offer, you can try our text message marketing system for only $99!

Only 10 Solo Text ads will be sold at this low price and in order to qualify for this offer, you must commit to:

  1. Use it to promote a unique offer that is not being promoted elsewhere that includes a significant discount.
  2. You must use the built in system within the text messages that requires the coupon to be redeemed by your cashier, server or other authorized personnel to track the redemption of the coupon.
  3. Authorize Peoria.Deals to use the data gathered for its promotional uses.

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